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Monday, July 22, 2019

Polv-Dinesen Sofa Upholstery

This Denmark mid century modern sofa sure is a special piece.
 If there is any sofa that could be called a masterpiece of engineering, this is one of them.
The frame is so strong yet can be easily disassembled to be moved in any size sedan.
The cushions are some of the best design I have ever seen.
Serial numbered & stamped.

The spring system sure is special also and has held up like new after 60 years or so.
New 1/2 inch foam replaced as before.
The arm pieces sure are special.
A fresh thin coat of cotton freshens them up for many years to come.
Quite a bit of hand sewing to close these pieces out.
The seat cushions need reworking.
The spring units are still in top shape after all the decades.
Re wrapped in natural burlap as originally done.
Then a full coat of cotton.
With fresh foam as originally applied.

The cuts on these cushions allow very little tolerance to have them come out proper.
Tight stitched for seam strength.
The back cushions were inspected and left as is. There could be many years left in them before restoration. And when they do they are just a zipper slide away.
                                                           Cleaned up the frame a bit.

That's the thing about well designed furniture. I got this tailored up for under 8 yards of this nice soft blue ordered from my fabric supplier.
A clean shop makes for clean, efficient work.

After final inspection and plastic wrapped the cushions for delivery, this piece is ready to serve.

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Friday, June 28, 2019

Buttoned, Skirted, Club Chair Set

This couple has been together for some 80 years or so now.
I've seen many well made frames and quality stuffings in my time and these sure are that.
After removing lots of staples, two coats of upholstery fabric and two coats of cotton to thin out the lines and freshen up the stuffings with a fresh coat of cotton.

Table patterning all the advanced cuts sure helps for some crisp tailoring.

The outsides backed and lined.

A clean work area makes for efficient clean work results.
Slirts have much cutting, sewing and patterning.
I ordered 14 1/2 yards for these, and only required 12.

Added more 80/20 feather and down to the seat cushions.
You won't see any nowadays box store home furnishings stand the test of time like this couple.

Ready for another run of who knows how many decades.
It's been said that only rich people have upholstery work done.
Well when families are purchasing a set of furniture from box stores every 10 years or so you can see why.
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Monday, April 22, 2019

New Hampshire Traditional Upholstery

This pair of button backed Martha Washington chairs sure have some great lines to them. 
Really proud arms and legs with a really nice finish. 
They have been upholstery once before 25 years ago or so and it's time for a freshen up.
 After removing lots of layers of staples and freshening up the exposed wood with Howard's restore a finish, it's time to start on all the stuffings.
 Odd to see the foam deteriorate this fast (25 years) but it did on the seat and the backs.. It made for real boney set.
 Now they're ready to be built back up.

 First up
 above the spring set is a layer of deck padding and then replace the 1" nosing all around.
 Spring supports really help.
Good quality 2 inch thick 2635 patterned out, with glued on pull tabs to set the foam properly in place.

 And then a full coat of cotton.
 And then the base is lined.
 And now for the finish fabric.
Lots of tight cuts here.
 Keeping all the red lines straight, with waver.
Decorative tacks close out above the proud front legs nicely.

The heavily patterns inside back cushions sure were in tough shape.
Lots of table design to get this right.
 16 pre sewn pleats for the corners.

 The customer supplied the Knoll fabric.
Lots of tight cuts to be able to get this to tailor up right.
Really well done fabric!

 The outside is backed and lined with a thin coat of cotton.

 A custom cut piece of 2 inch super soft 1516 foam really help the design turn out looking sharp.
 Pairs of chairs are always really nice.
This set is ready to serve for many generations now.

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