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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Third Times A Charm

I estimate this old timer was created between WW1 & WW2 or the early 1950's.
It was restored once along the way. This is the 3rd time it's had maintenance in 60 or 80 years.
The spring twines & bottom base webbing were in good shape but set way loose when last upholstered. The spring field has a huge crown that needs to be addressed.  Another coat of each on bottom and top shall bring things back to it's proper order.

Fresh nosing around the base will crisp out the lines.
Carefully reworking the cotton stuffings.
And hand sewing the carefully patterned base assembly helps to make this base not perfect, but beyond criticism.
Resetting the arm paddings with a thin coat of cotton readies these arms proper for generations to come.

Carefully table patterning & stitching of the channel back assembly.
each channel inspected and splashed with a thin coat of new cotton batting.
Lots of tailoring setting these channels in place properly.

Of course the outside arms & back are backed and lined.
Proud piping set tight to the frame really help draw out the lines.
No  box store dust covers around here.
Only woven black fabric with painted black staples.
My Merrow 3 thread serger helps fine finish the pleated skirt assembly.
After stealing in place the pleats it does a few gays of set training before attaching to the frame.
A 3/4 inch height really is a perfect height from the floor. 
The skirt sure makes this piece proud.

Surged deep fitted arm covers help stretch out the fabric life.

Pointed seat cushion tailoring along the channel back.
Ready to serve.
The down & feather seat cushion insert was border line as to wether or not to add more feathers & down.  It's a zipper slide away to add more as this piece is used.
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Monday, February 24, 2020

Custom Club Chair Upholstery

These custom built pieces came out of a high end design house about 25 years ago would be my guess.  The frames are built to last hundreds of years under daily use.
  The upholstery design was extensive and redesign is necessary as the patterning to duplicate the original design isn't practical.  A 33" depth of the seat sure is nice.
After removing existing fabric and staple removal these pieces are ready to be reset.
A full coat of cotton will be just enough to get these arms looking sharp.

The owner chose a USA made fabric from one of my suppliers. 
A Deep blue velvet.
The outsides backed & lined.
With piping trim throughout.

New foam for the seat cushions with a poly wrap.
The same insides retained for the back cushions.

A 5 foot ottoman with upholstered legs really helps top off this sitting area.
Again this piece was over designed and common sense had the need to strip it & start from frame.
Below is a close up picture of my in house 3 thread trim cut serger used to trim up 4 arm throws and an ottoman throw out of the little remaining fabric.

Clean pressed seams on this end cut fabric.
Sure does this pair justice with full skirts. 

These trainer skirts left for a few days really help fine tailor the skirts.

Ready to go!
With the many distractions being a sole proprietor, this is the best system I have come up with for labor, for all concerned.
With over 25 years in home furnishings upholstery in an extremely clean & organized shop, there is an excellent value in efficiency.

Lots of numbers to pull off the 19 yards of fabric to get these pieces completed for that amount considering the odd measurements needed.
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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Skirted Arm Chairs

These old-timers were a real rough shape when they came in the door.
They seem to have been created in the 1960's.
 The frames are still nice & tight. I added extra support to the set in spring units which are still in great shape after pulling many tacks & staples.
 A fresh coat of spring twine needed on top of the original.

 Then a coat of traditional burlap.
All the straw is just like the day it was set in place 60 years ago.
I reset all of it back in place. 
 Then a coat or two of cotton batting.
 And then a lining stapled in place to set all the stuffings.
 And now a thin coat of cotton before the finished fabric.
 The owner chose this great quality fabric from my in house fabric books.
A soft cinnamon color with a traditional design.
 The arms got a couple coats of cotton stripped and fresh cotton set back in place.

 Fresh coat of cotton for the inside back also.
The under stuffings is kapok which was retained.
 Lots of tight cuts on the inside of these chairs.
 All the dots kept nice & straight.
 The back supports are still in great shape but I reinforced them for the future.

 The outside arms & backs, backed & lined with cotton and trimmed throughout with cording.

 Woven dust covers, for sure!
 Lots of steam used to create the same style skirt.

 A skirt training belt for a couple days will help keep these skirts looking sharp.
 Pairs of chairs are so nice.
Especially this old couple.
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