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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Skirted Arm Chairs

These old-timers were a real rough shape when they came in the door.
They seem to have been created in the 1960's.
 The frames are still nice & tight. I added extra support to the set in spring units which are still in great shape after pulling many tacks & staples.
 A fresh coat of spring twine needed on top of the original.

 Then a coat of traditional burlap.
All the straw is just like the day it was set in place 60 years ago.
I reset all of it back in place. 
 Then a coat or two of cotton batting.
 And then a lining stapled in place to set all the stuffings.
 And now a thin coat of cotton before the finished fabric.
 The owner chose this great quality fabric from my in house fabric books.
A soft cinnamon color with a traditional design.
 The arms got a couple coats of cotton stripped and fresh cotton set back in place.

 Fresh coat of cotton for the inside back also.
The under stuffings is kapok which was retained.
 Lots of tight cuts on the inside of these chairs.
 All the dots kept nice & straight.
 The back supports are still in great shape but I reinforced them for the future.

 The outside arms & backs, backed & lined with cotton and trimmed throughout with cording.

 Woven dust covers, for sure!
 Lots of steam used to create the same style skirt.

 A skirt training belt for a couple days will help keep these skirts looking sharp.
 Pairs of chairs are so nice.
Especially this old couple.
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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Summer Season 2019

I haven't posted in a while. 
Below is a collage of some of my finished work accomplished last summer.
A picture is worth a thousand words.
Thanks for looking here!

 Pairs of tote bags in 6 different fabrics.
Sold in pairs.

 Modern boat upholstery requires extensive patterning.

 Silk settee'
 From my in stock fabric library.
Traditional flame stitch with exact pattern matching.