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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Sewing Machine Troubleshooting Chart

Over many years I have found this chart helpful.
So many times it's the simple things.
I took some pics of my sewing machine when I did some general maintenance.

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Monday, April 22, 2019

New Hampshire Traditional Upholstery

This pair of button backed Martha Washington chairs sure have some great lines to them. 
Really proud arms and legs with a really nice finish. 
They have been upholstery once before 25 years ago or so and it's time for a freshen up.
 After removing lots of layers of staples and freshening up the exposed wood with Howard's restore a finish, it's time to start on all the stuffings.
 Odd to see the foam deteriorate this fast (25 years) but it did on the seat and the backs.. It made for real boney set.
 Now they're ready to be built back up.

 First up
 above the spring set is a layer of deck padding and then replace the 1" nosing all around.
 Spring supports really help.
Good quality 2 inch thick 2635 patterned out, with glued on pull tabs to set the foam properly in place.

 And then a full coat of cotton.
 And then the base is lined.
 And now for the finish fabric.
Lots of tight cuts here.
 Keeping all the red lines straight, with waver.
Decorative tacks close out above the proud front legs nicely.

The heavily patterns inside back cushions sure were in tough shape.
Lots of table design to get this right.
 16 pre sewn pleats for the corners.

 The customer supplied the Knoll fabric.
Lots of tight cuts to be able to get this to tailor up right.
Really well done fabric!

 The outside is backed and lined with a thin coat of cotton.

 A custom cut piece of 2 inch super soft 1516 foam really help the design turn out looking sharp.
 Pairs of chairs are always really nice.
This set is ready to serve for many generations now.

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Monday, April 15, 2019

April Close ups

First up I have a this Istanbul blue Damask tapestry fabric.
20 yards in house available.
 Quality fabric that's a little bit dressy but would work great for anyones daily chair for instance.

Also offering a rare horizontal pattern.
They are rare as upholstery fabric goes, but this one get's away with the horizontal look with style.  It has depth, meaning you can easily feel the pattern in your fingertips.
A transitional fabric I'd say. Meaning that older furniture accepts it well but everyone knows its a new fabric.

Below a few pics of an Adler Estimated age circa 1960's.

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