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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Upholstery Is An Art

This pair of chairs stopped in to get refreshed after a 20 year run.

The last upholsterer sure pounded lots of long staples into this hardwood frame.
With lots of patients I got all the lines clean.
Freshened up all the legs.
The owner found this fabric at a local furniture store.
Sure does have a large pattern to match up. And a nice heavy weigh thick hand.
Lots of table work for the complex cuts to be able to get these pieces done with 18 yards of fabric.
There was 44 inches left, or just over 1 yard extra. 

The owners mentioned that the way the chair is is so comfortable and not to change the character of the seating.
These chairs are going to set to the left and the right of a large picture window with a beautiful view of the Monadnock region here in southern New Hampshire.

Of course the outsides are backed and lined with a thin coat of cotton.

Of course a woven dustcover with black painted Staples to top off these frames.
A clean shop makes for clean work.
Lots of fine tailoring to these arm fronts.
Match tailoring, a view from the top of the top inside back as it ties in together.
Mirror tailoring at the intersections of the inside back and inside wings.
A view of both chairs from the top, back to back.
Outside wings.
All the piping is mirrored also throughout.

It was quite a challenge matching all the piping with this large repeat with only 9 yards of fabric to work with, but I got it done.
The inside arms and outside arms matched up.
Mirror cut & surged arm covers.

Sure was a challenge working with this type of patterned fabric.
These pieces are ready to serve for many decades.
Arm covers tend to double the life between a upholstery jobs.
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Monday, November 26, 2018

New Hampshire Upholstery Sofa

The design of this sofa has been enjoyed by its owners for many years. Instead of replacing and taking a chance on appreciating a replacement sofa as much as this one, they got exactly the fabric They wanted and able to keep the sofa that works well for them daily.
 After removing lots of staples and upon inspection of the frame there was some settling on the base as there is lots of stress with the S Springs.
After cutting and sewing fabric for a couple days I realized it's best just to reinforce the base and not to take it down rebuild it and put back together again.
 Some clamps and stretched webbing with probably 15 screws from 2 to 3 inches long carefully placed and predrilled along the base and it's supporting blocks sure keeps this frame ready for many more years.

 With so many pillows that go with the sofa and a 12 1/2 inch cut on the skirts there's lots of fabric to pull off of the bolt, with a 22 inch repeat fabric.
The presewn arm fronts sure are of a complex design to pattern.
 Mirror cut and sewn.

The skirts of course are backed and lined. I was able to pre-sew the skirt piping to all the skirts and attach them all at once, they wrap around the whole base length of 220 inches, with a one sixteenth of an inch Play at the end meet up.
 Zippers are installed in all the cushion work. The addition of zippers in throw pillows sure adds on to the labor, but it sure makes it easier to add more poly fill to the cushions, if it is ever needed.
Slide zipper handles secured properly.
With a 12 1/2 inch cut skirt, and a deep 28 inch seating depth really makes this one grand sofa.
 The center stripe below where the seat cushions meet adds a nice touch.

 Mirror cut seat cushions with new 2635 foam.
 If any cushions need more fluffing up there is no charge for the labor or the materials.
How much poly fill to add to back and throw pillows is a real inexact science. Some people like more, some people like less.
 This fabric was supplied by the owner. It sure has a special look. Crisp, clean and fresh.

 Sure looks comfortable.
All the removable cushions separately wrapped in plastic, ready for delivery.
 Ready to go back home four more years of service.
Working the upholstery trade in a clean shop sure makes for better quality craftsmanship.
Someone I recently did some tailoring for, inquired about why I don't have a showroom. I replied  "because I don't need one".
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